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White Shark Is Handpicked By Google As SMB Partner

White Shark Media was co-founded in 2012 by Gary Garth, CEO, and Andrew Lolk, CMO. Their experience in sales and marketing together filled a void in marketing media across the globe. AdWords is a special talent knowing what particular words will trigger sales, interest, leads, and promote products. These two entrepreneurs have an edge on AdWords. White Shark Media has a team of Certified AdWord Professionals. The Shark team are experts in promoting businesses through just the right phrase, word, and setting the stage for adding traffic and sales leads.

Over the past few years they have promoted thousands of clients through their talents and staff’s ingenuity. They have also learned from their customers by listening, learning and applying input from customers and staff. This has increased their search for excellence in better customer service. It is because White Shark Media turns the complaints into opportunities. Constantly honing their customer service not only helped them, but significantly helped their customers build on their dreams and challenge their goals.

Connecting with customers and bridging any communication gaps adds strength to any campaign program and tightens the connecting relationship with clients. Truly building a cohesive working relationship improves the customer’s ability to perform and connect with their customer base.

White Shark is determined to stay connected with their customers through monthly review meetings where they share a computer screen to review together the reports ensuring their clients understand the campaign results and projections.
When a client wants to speak to their representative at White Shark, they are not channeled through the main phone system. They are given a direct number to the person handling their campaign, dial that number and speak with the person handling their account. This is a refreshing response and clients constantly comment of the ease of contact. They realize the value of their client’s time and the annoyance of being on hold and constantly in transfer mode.

Although White Shark does not offer SEO services, they will review any SEO proposals their clients receive and advise.

White Shark Media is extremely proud to have been handpicked by Google as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. AdWords is the key to attracting new traffic to websites and turning that traffic into sales. With White Shark’s Certified AdWord Staff, they have passed Google’s most stringent requirements making them a top selection in Premier Partner Program.

White Shark Media’s track record, and customer base client base. Added to Google’s strengths they will undoubtedly continue their successful climb.