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Talk Fusion Scores High Marks in Video Marketing World

If you want your company to find long term success on the internet then you are going to need to know how to connect and market to your audience. That is why Talk Fusion, a video marketing solutions company, has risen to such prominence in recent years. Talk Fusion was founded by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007 and since then the company has rapidly been growing in both popularity and hard earned respect. Talk Fusion was recently awarded with one of the finest prizes that can be given in their field: the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation, was on hand to award all of the winners with the coveted and distinguished prize. Tehrani spared no sense of glory when he presented saying that the winners were, “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Needless to say, the team at FreedomPop was ecstatic with the kind words and happy with their award.

The reason that Talk Fusion won the award was because of their coveted Video Chat application. The Video Chat application used WebRTC technology and it is available for free on both iTunes and the Google Play store. The application helps users connect with one another across any platform or device, anywhere on the planet. For people looking to connect to their customers or clients this is a perk that is almost too good to be true.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina was quick to point the praise down toward the IT employees that worked so hard to finish up the work on the application. Reina was positively glowing with how effective their work was and he was quick to point out that this was only the beginning. As Reina says, “This is just the beginning.” Reina went on to point out that the whole company was focused on staying ahead of the curve. Talk Fusion has become a global name in video marketing and awards like this only prove just how great they are.

The Success Behind Mobile Apps

We are well past the revolution that is the smart phone. Nowadays, it is all about what can we do with these smart phones. They have bluetooth enabled, GPS software implemented, so they can pretty much do anything short of cooking you breakfast. Even then your phone can help you find out what you should make for breakfast. Whether you’re in the mood for trying something new or maybe you’re starting your vegan diet today and want something vegan friendly.

When there are so many apps to choose from, it makes you wonder how do some reach hype and media exposure while other apps are on a strictly invitation basis only. Not to say that underground apps are inferior. Some notorious apps start out as a secret community of sorts but eventually they flutter away into the era of “What could have been” or they grow and reach heights that is every app creators dream. A classic example of this is Facebook. The household brand name was once just a lowly social media website strictly for those attending Harvard University. They wanted something that was different than Myspace and seeing as Harvard itself is already so exclusive, it only made sense to create a site that was exclusive just for current students. Presently, the app has transcended and made its way into everyone’s, young and old, mind and lifestyle. It allows families to connect from half way across the world.

Bringing a smart phone app to that kind of magnitude only means that soon another app will take its place. This doesn’t mean Facebook will phase out and no one will use it anymore. I highly doubt that will ever happen. In fact, I’m sure historians thousands of years from now will have something ten times more advance and look back on Facebook as “primitive”. Facebook will remain in the “Apps Hall of Fame” so to speak and a new comer will rise and reach peak hype just as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. before it. The next app to do this will most possibly be Flipora. It’s possible you haven’t heard of Flipora so let me give just a sort description. The main reason anyone uses social media is because they are interested in new content. They want to discover something, related to their interests, that they have not looked at before.

That is where Flipora comes in to play. The “flip” comes from flipping through web pages. It will redefine the way people browse the web. Using your browser data, Flipora is able to find new websites on knitting, or kayaking. It’s not necessarily Big Brother spying on you. Flipora needs to be connected to this kind of data to give you the new content that you are looking for. They are small at the moment but they are growing and growing fast. Currently, they are at 8 million subscribers. It really is a wonder how they were able to grow so quickly but also so quietly. The key to successful apps is personalization. Everyone wants to have their clothes, car, food, specifically tailored to them. If your app can achieve that then you’re golden.