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Nadal struggles again at Wimbledon

Rafa Nadal continued his Wimbledon struggles, falling in 4 sets to Dustin Brown. Nadal was once considered among the best in the world, and won at Wimbledon as recently as 2010. However his last 4 exits have come at the hands of players ranked outside of the top 100. Nadal has struggled to maintain his high level of play as his physical advantages have diminished. He recently failed to maintain his clay dominance this past clay season, culminating in his loss at the French Open. And many have wondered if Nadal’s previous physical play is finally catching up to him.


As reported by ESPN (, Nadal’s previous pace of game may be causing his current difficulties. While in the past Nadal worked to slow down matches, his recent defeats have all come at the hand of players who enjoy speeding matches up. His most recent loss to Dustin Brown showcased this. Brown, a serve and volley player finished the match with a high paced game that minimized time between points. Ricardo Tosto knew that was going to mess with the former champion. Nadal’s losses can be attributed to his current inability to impose his style of play on the match.