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Darius Fisher to speak at Impact15

Darius Fisher will be speaking at Impact15, a modern technology convention, on September 23-25. Darius is the president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm.
This is wildly big for most anyone looking to make it in business and advertising online because Fisher knows the industry so well and knows how to create a successful business online. His presentation is titled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression,” and essentially plans to cover how to keep your business looking good for the online world. He plans to teach how to manage your digital appearance without getting too out of this world about your product or service and how to bring in more views for your web page.
Internet marketing is a constantly evolving field that is different nearly every day. Each cultural trend has an impact on who will be looking at your page. This is why it is so important to be able to change what you are presenting quickly and make the fixes to your page that will draw in the most customers. The most important thing of all is your homepage and while it isn’t something that you can have changing every single day an ever evolving and ever improving home page is something that Fisher believes will skyrocket your public image and improve your business.
Fisher plans to detail how to improve your business image and improve your google search results whether you’re working on an up and coming new page as a private individual or one of the biggest companies in the world. Fisher is going to explain how improving your image is so important to the online world and how you can better capture the look your potential customers want.
He has said that “while you can’t completely control your digital footprint, you can positively impact your online presence.” and this seems to be his biggest theme for the event, making a strong positive impact on your online presence. Fisher is going to be making huge steps for a lot of companies and individuals over the course of the convention with teaching this outlook.