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George Soros on EU Collapse

The European Union is close to collapse. It has been facing crisis after crisis. They have had to deal with the Greek debt. They have had to face terrorism. They are currently experiencing a mass influx of refugees that is unsustainable and causing chaos, fear and violence. And according to George Soros, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is furthering the newer Syrian refugee crisis in order to push the EU to crumble.

Forbes billionaire Soros wrote an article that was published by Project Syndicate. In the article he was critical of the leadership in the United States and the European Union for not seeing through President Putin’s claims that he is the west’s ally in the war on ISIS. Soros said it was actually the opposite. President Putin has ordered airstrikes on northern Syria and southern Syria. These air strikes forced thousands of people from their homes and toward Europe with the hope of gaining asylum. Putin knows that if Europe is flooded with immigrants, xenophobic problems like fear, chaos and violence will increase and the European Union will fall a part.

Soros explains that President Putin has a vested interest in the European Union falling. The biggest benefit will be economic. In 2017 Russia’s foreign debt matures. There are also sanctions being held on Russia by the EU. If the EU crumbles, there will be no authority to enforce the sanctions or hold Russia to their debt.

George Soros is deeply invested in the future of the European Union. His non-profit, the Open Society Foundations, shares similar principles to the ones the EU was founded on. Soros’ goal is to spread the idea of having more open societies, more human rights and more transparency in government. Soros believes in these things because of his background.

Soros was born in Hungary several years before World War II. His family was jewish and had to live under false identities while their country was under Nazi Occupation. The war ended but the communists came. When Soros was 17, he left for London. He attended the London School of Economics and pursued a career in investments. He first worked in England and then moved to the United States. Soros worked for a few New York investment firms and then in the 1970s he started Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund. Soros had significant success and now has a net worth of almost 25 billion dollars.

Soros is now concentrating his efforts on philanthropy and spreading the idea of freedom and better governance to over 100 countries with the Open Society Foundations. Soros believes that the European Union has led the way with progressive human rights. He does not want to see that fade away.