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Venezuela’s Food Crisis Becomes Even More Devastating

At the Central Madeirense supermarket, a rumor was swirling that chicken would be available. A large crowd of people stood outside of the supermarket according to Latino Show Magazine, long before the sun came up, to get food for their families.
Kattya Alonzo a friend of the Luque’s was among the Venezuelan citizens waiting to get food. Alonzo, 48, is a mother of three, and was planning to make arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) for her family using the poultry that was supposed to be available. After that, she’d have to look for some rice.

Alonzo stated that it had been more than a month since she was able to buy chicken, and that she arrived at the supermarket around 4am.

Two and a half hours later, two trucks arrived at the store, but the drivers were instructed by keep moving by national guardsmen before they could unload the food.

Venezuela’s main resource is oil, but the company has been plagued with shortages of necessary medicines and basic goods, including water and electricity. This has led to a higher crime rate and inflation. Mobs attempted to loot nearby bakeries and delis, as well as another delivery truck, in order to get food.

Protestors chanted “we want food” as they fought with security forces, but police were able to keep the outburst down. According to a witness, at least one person was injured during the protest.

The recent food protests were not related to the marches in Caracas and other major Venezuelan cities, which were led by social right leaders asking to cut president Nicolas Maduro’s term short.