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QNet-The Health and Wellness Experts

QNet, is affiliated with QI Group. This dynamic sales force was discovered in the Chinese city of Hong Kong. Vijay Eswaran was the master mind behind the inception of this company back in 1998. At its inception, the company was dubbed GoldQuest. Their goal was to make numismatic coins. Though it found that they could be profitable by the production of these coins, they diversified their brand in 2002.

With growth came the opportunity to offer their customers more products. They began with vacation and travel accommodations, typical to that of a travel agent. They forged a partnership with QVI Club brand holiday to offer these services. When the company continued its growth, they decided to branch out even further. The health and fitness market seemed to be where the real opportunities were. They began selling everything from nutritional supplements to health and energy products. Also, just to keep things interesting, they began carrying Bernhard H. Mayer watches.

Feeling confident in their growth, they purchased Prana Resorts and Spa. To go along with the health and fitness representation, they acquired this vegetarian resort. The resort was located in Koh Samui. Things continued to progress and they knew that the health industry was where they wanted to focus their strengths. They added to their empire in 2007 with the purchase of a Hawaiian based health food store chain. By going into US territories, this would not only give them great opportunities, but it would give brand recognition and make them a global phenomenon.

Their luck was on the upswing. They saw an increase in their profit margins by up to 70% from their new ventures. From the years 2007-2012 it was very profitable. Recently, they decided to halt their manufacturing operations in India and move the corporate office to Russia. Today they stand as a united company serving with JR Mayer, their managing director, Dave Osh the CEO and Vijay Eswaran as president. The company continues to grow and is doing well.

The products seem to sell themselves, as they are quality. The venture in Hawaii changed everything for this company. Though it has not always been an easy ride and there have been some negative press to overcome, they have succeeded and remain a major force in the health and wellness market.