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Malini Saba: Understanding the Mind of a Successful Investor

Most people who have heard of Malini Saba know her as a top international investor with a keen eye on global finances. She has amounted to much in her life and has definitely earned her place in the world of finance through her company Saban. This company interacts with several businesses and industries all over the world, such as large technology companies in the US. Saban even has a few dealings with oil and gas companies from China to name a few, but there is more than what meets the eye regarding Malini Saba.

Who Is Malini Saba?

Malini was born in a middle class household in a regular neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Not long after that she moved to Australia where she spent most of her young years, though Malini had her eyes set on the US and managed to get there when she was 19. Of course, like many other foreigners, she only came with 200 dollars to her name, but Malini is a resourceful woman and made things work with the help of her former husband. They both attended Stanford University and stayed in a very economical apartment nearby.

It was through classes, seminars, and gatherings that dealt with investing in (or near) the school where Saba began to get very interested in investing. She would talk to professional investors to get their advice. It was not too long before she began to invest in telecommunication companies and real estate.

An In-Depth Perspective on Saba

Sure, Malini Saba is the kind of woman that many can look up to based on her financial successes, but she is much more than that. For one, Malini’s heart is quite big. She donated 1 million dollars to the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians at the El Camino Hospital in California. When her heart was heavy with sadness as she saw the horror the Tsunami caused in India and Sri Lanka, Saba pledge 10 million dollars to help those who were in need.

Malini is definitely a visionary who understands the needs of people in the immediate sense but also how people might change in the future. This is part of her investment philosophy. She thinks that trends are somewhat fleeting because they might only be popular for a moment. What Saba thinks about is what people might be doing in the future. Helping people is an investment in their potential, which is the spirit she carries into her work.