Photos Can Look Better By Avoiding Certain Mistakes

One of the most popular aspects of technology innovations such as tablets and smartphones is that the devices are mobile. People can take the devices almost anywhere and use the devices almost anywhere. Also, devices such as tablets and smartphones, which are referred to as mobile devices on, have a variety of functions and features that allow people to do a wide variety of things with the devices.

One of the features concerning mobile devices that people use on a regular basis is the camera feature. While there are cameras that people can use that are actually cameras and made only for taking photos at, mobile devices have become very popular regarding taking photos using the camera feature on the mobile devices. The camera feature on mobile devices has awesome technology at the core of the camera feature.

When used by people who understand the proper way to use a mobile device for taking photos, the photo quality provided with a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone is tremendous. Although the quality of the photos on Twitter provided by a mobile device can be really good. The people taking the photos must still understand at least the basics of taking good photos.

This is one of the main problems that some people have regarding taking photos. The device used to take the photos is not the issue. The issue is understanding how to take good photos. There are various things that people should avoid in relation to taking photos.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa who is an outstanding photographer, suggest that people should avoid making some very common mistakes that people make all the time related to taking photos. Some of these mistakes involve issues such as:

1. The colors are too strong.
2. The composition is not correct.
3. There is no topic.
4. The majority of the pictures are taken while traveling
5. The person taken the picture is not close enough.
6. HDR is excessive.
7. People take too many pictures.
8. The level of black and white is not correct.
9. Photographs are not consistent.
10. The shots are not sharp enough.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a respected businessman who holds several key executive positions among various companies in Panama. The positions include Director and Treasurer. As an executive with these companies, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa plays an important role in the success of the companies.

Also, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa plays an important role in the Panama community on He takes time to mentor children, help local businesses, and help the local economy. As a community leader, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is respected both for his business and personal efforts regarding Panama.

Handy Is Now Making Millions In Weekly Bookings is one of the most revolutionary apps for house cleaning that’s only been in existence since 2012. The app has garnered a lot of popularity just like Uber and it’s because it lets people schedule house cleaning without having to cut through a lot of red tape. A lot of investors have been driven toward Handy and given it an infusion of capital, driving its run rate up from about $3 million all the way to $52 million. The app generates millions in housekeeping bookings, even for the limited geography it has with its services. A big part of its success has been how its been able to find success within the independent contractor markets and help them find customers in need of affordable cleanings.

Handy was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua who tapped into the potential of the gig market. They themselves were in need of affordable cleaning services when they started acquiring properties and wanted to find trusted contractors. That led to the start of Handy, and soon the app became a reliable way for independent cleaners to make an extra dollar or two, or even go into full-time work. Because the workers are independent contractors, they have the flexibility to work their own shifts and take on work at their own pace.

For customers,, they can schedule cleaning jobs on the fly and have them done even when they aren’t home. They can also schedule recurring cleanings if they’re pleased with the job a cleaner has done. Most of the jobs available on Handy are cleaning jobs, but for those who have experience plumbing, there has been some openings for them. Handy also values user safety and has helped bring in privacy measures to make sure no personal information is given away without permission.


Experience Matters And Capital Group Delivers

Experience matters. A bit cliched, but still very true. In no matter what you do nor what professional capacity or service you seek to obtain or utilize, it matters. And in the field of capital investment and portfolio management it doesn’t just matter, it’s essential.

The Capital Group Companies and it’s subsidiaries is one of the oldest and largest financial services and investment management companies in the world. Established in Los Angeles in 1931, Capital group has grown to manage close to $1.3 trillion in assets and has offices around the world in the Americas, Asia, Europe and also Australia. It’s long standing core values and management philosophy of accountability and research have allowed it to grow steadily since it’s founding and avoid the problems of many other firms, especially during times of great economic stress.

In July of 2015, Capital Group named Timothy D. Armour as Chairman of Capital Group Companies following the tragic loss of former Chairman James Rothenberg. James suffered a fatal heart attack while on vacation at the age of 69. Timothy Armour was head of the company’s management committee and the succession came as a natural plan that had been in place for years prior, as discussed by all the firm’s senior management committee staff.

Timothy’s long career experience at Capital Group started in 1983 as a participant in the company’s Associates Program, following his earning a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Middelbury College. Upon completing the Associates Program, Timothy Armour served as an Equity Investment Analyst at Capital Group covering global telecommunications and U.S. service companies.

A review by Janet Lang, CFA and published by Morningstar in Oct. 2015 gave Capital Group’s American Funds subsidiary an overall grade of A for it’s outstanding corporate culture, as well as it’s board quality, fund manager incentives, fees and regulatory history. The review attributes it’s corporate success to such long standing portfolio managers like Timothy Armour and it’s commitment to a tradition of patience and steadfast dedication to long term investing goals that have kept Capital Group “among the industry’s strongest stewards of investors’ capital.” Now that’s the value of experience and what it can mean for you.

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New Zealand Adheres to 2002 OECD Model Agreement


In the past years, New Zealand has been accused of being a tax haven. The statement accuses New Zealand of imposing no or very minimal tax to their investors. It also accuses it of not being transparent and not being able to exchange its tax information with other governments whenever requested. New Zealand government has denied these allegations stating that they are not even and will be on the list of tax havens. OECD is responsible for keeping the list of notorious tax havens.


New Zealand has been among the first countries to embrace the gold standards for transparency that were put in place in 2002 in OECD Model Agreement. The agreement dictates that the tax information can be shared internationally by any government or authority whenever need be. In 2006, Michael Cullen introduced new rules that ensured that any foreign trust had a resident trustee in any investment project. The laws also dictate that a Disclosure form is submitted and the financial records of the foreign individual are made available to the government. Some of the information that is captured includes sentiment details, trustee assets and liabilities, money spent and received by the trustee, and trust deed. In the case of any business being run by the trustee, accounting information, codes and charts are also captured. The disclosure form is filled in English and is stored by the New Zealand Government. Substantial penalties are given to whoever fails to adhere to these rules. These rules were enhanced in 2011 to control money laundering activities.


Mr. Cone’s Background

Geoffrey Cone is among the two top principles of Cone Marshalls Company. It is an international tax and law firm that was established in 1999. It is based in Auckland New Zealand. The company offers advisory services to family advisors, private banks, corporations, and attorneys who are responsible for partnerships. Geoff has a rich career background that comprises of 30 years’ experience in tax planning, trust and trustee management and a foreign trust.


Mr. Cone is a graduate of the University of Otago in New Zealand with LLB degree. He also has a postgraduate diploma in tax and trust laws. His law practice began in 1980 in Auckland New Zealand. His law practice made him appear in several courts serving in different capacities. Geoffrey Cone later moved to Christchurch. Here he acted as a partner and also acted as the chairman of partners in the law firm. Cone has also worked in the British West Indies for two years serving as a litigator. He later set up his practice in Auckland in 1999 known as Cone Marshall Limited. As at present, Cone Marshal Limited is the only law firm in New Zealand that majors in International and tax planning.


The OSI Group: From Tiny Meat Shop To International Meat Supplier

OSI Group is an Aurora, Illinois based meat processing company that supplies the retail and food service industries. Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, the company was initially a family meat market. He expanded his operation into the wholesale meat trade in 1917. In 1928 the company became known as Otto & Sons and for several decades it earned a reputation for providing the highest quality meats. OSI Group boasts $6 Billion in annual sales and was listed as the 58th largest private company in America by Forbes magazine.

In 1955, Otto & Sons made a deal that would later become its primary business. The sons of Otto Kolschowsky made a handshake deal with Ray Kroc and his new company called McDonald’s. The deal was for Otto & Sons to provide the fresh ground beef patties for the fledgling start-up. That grew into a very lucrative contract and the company eventually became one of McDonald’s four meat suppliers for its stores nationally with the invention of Cryogenic food processing in the late 1960s.


Otto & Sons built a high-volume meat plant in 1973 in West Chicago. It had specially developed liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and patty-forming machines. It also created Glenmark, a separate unit of the company that handled its non-McDonald’s business like providing specialty and processed meats to local restaurants and supermarkets. Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. Soon afterwards it became McDonald’s exclusive meat supplier and grow in prosperity and size with the success and spread of the McDonald’s franchise. Glenmark was acquired by Best Chicago Meat in 2011.

These days OSI Group offers a wide range of meat products. They include bacon, fish, hot dogs, meat patties, pork and poultry. They also offer vegetable and dough products. OSI provides meat to Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway and other western fast food chains doing business in China. The company also produces and packages private label brands for some of its retail and foodservice customers. OSI, which has plants in Chicago, West Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Oakland, Iowa, Riverside, California and West Jordan, Utah, uses the name OSI Industries, LLC for its U.S. plants. OSI Group also has over 65 facilities in 17 countries around the world.

Over the years the OSI facilities have been given numerous awards for health and safety risks management and environmental management.

Fabletics Moves to More Physical Stores

Working out is something that people are doing more every day. The bulk of the workout crowd goes to the gym. Fewer people are investing in treadmills in the home, but they are taking the time to invest in a nice wardrobe. This is something that a lot of people are doing when they want to make sure that they are going to look their very best in the gym. Fabletics is what has allowed a lot of women to look great over the years. There are all types of active wear numbers that are designed for women that want to look good in the gym. Many women that are concerned about the appearance when they are working out will want garments that are comfortable. This is what Fabletics provides. There are assortments of very comfortable garments for everyone that are interested in feeling comfortable.

The Fabletics brand has become one of the better brands for those consumers that are trying to build a wardrobe of cute clothes. It is interesting to see how this brand has managed to move from an online brand to more physical stores. Tons of stores are coming in the next 5 years, and this will increase the convenience of buying clothes even more. There have been some people that may not buy something to wear for the gym until they start going. Some people lose the workout clothes that they have. This is why it is so important to have physical stores. People that want to buy clothes from Fabletics will not have to wait. They can go right into buying all of the clothes that they need without having to wait for a shipment. That is a good move for Fabletics because it shows that this brand was can now compete with other companies.

It is one of the best garment websites for all of those people that have become interested in buying clothes that are designed by a celebrity. This is where many people take interest in what Fabletics is doing. She has become this major force that competes against other companies like Ivy Park that are run by Beyoncé. The celebrity buzz for Fabletics plays a big part in what this company is doing with the social media crowd. Many celebrities are thrilled about what this company is doing because they are seeing so many celebrities discussing it on the Internet.

Automation Eases Handy Inc. Shift to Profitability

“Critical Mass” is a key concept, driving start-ups to increase their growth as quickly as possible, at first. They must show their capital funding sources, that they have the mettle, client base and market to run a profitable business. Now, Handy Inc. has advanced to the next phase of “profitability;” it has used automation to trim costs.

“When is Startup Phase Done?”

Typically, each startup must pass through a number of different phases to reach full maturity. The Handy Inc. on-demand home cleaning service has survived each stage, while its competitors – Exec, HomeJoy and Mopp – have fallen by the wayside. Actually, Handy Inc. acquired Exec and Mopp.

In November 2015, Handy Inc. completed its “$50 million Series C venture capital funding.” During this funding, the capital sources suggested that further stages might not be available. The Handy Inc. CEOs needed to emphasize “profitability” immediately.

For some firms, this is a signal that the startup phase is done. Mature businesses must have enough cash flow to fund their activities internally.

“Cutting Costs Using Bots”

For the home cleaning industry, the customer support department is very important. One mistake can ruin your reputation.

Most consumers want to talk to a live operator, but this can be very expensive. After training their live customer service representatives, the CEOs of Handy realized that they needed to cut costs.

Finally, CEO Oisin Hanrahan concluded that “replacing people with software systems is the kind of decision that’s difficult emotionally but a no-brainer as a matter of business rationale.” This is one of the steps to becoming a mature business.

Now, that the bottom line is the top priority for Handy Inc., the “tough decisions” are becoming more frequent. Handy has survived so far, now they want to thrive!


Sam Boraie’s Commitment to Making New Jersey a Better Place


Sam Boraie is the VP of Boraie Development– a real estate company that provides many services focused on every area of urban real estate market including property management, real estate development and sales/marketing. The company has a team of professionals dedicated to building excellent properties while providing unmatched customer service to their clients.

Boraie draws its strength from working with architects with a vision and contractors who understand deadlines and ensure timely completion as well as the success of all projects.

Sam Boraie also sits on the board of different companies. He is one of the advisory board members at the Elijah’s Promise- an anti-hunger organization in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


About Elijah’s Promise


Founded in 1989, Elijah’s Promise not only provides food to the hungry but also use it as an instrument for change. Their services include:


Good Food for All


The agency started as a volunteer community soup kitchen serving the hungry people of New Brunswick, NJ. They prepare numerous nutritious and delicious meals every year because they believe each and every person has a right to access good food.


Social Enterprise


Elijah’s Promise believes in providing food enterprises that are beneficial to workers, consumers, and society at large. They, therefore, change the way people work and eat through viable food businesses that bring them closer to making the world a better place.


Education and Jobs


Elijah’s Promise provides people with the required tools for both personal and professional improvement. This can be through their community cooking classes or the extensive training in their culinary and baking programs. They simply work to empower lives.


Sam also sits on the Historical State Theater’s board of trustees. According to Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, CityPlex12 Theater is the best place in New Jersey to watch a movie. Owned and operated by Shaquille O’Neal in partnership with Boraie Development, the theater underwent a massive renovation at the beginning of this year to increase the total seating capacity to about 2,400 and its footprint to around 45,000 square feet.


According to Wasseem Boraie, one of the Boraie sons, the team at Boraie has been working extra hard to deliver a state-of-the-art theater with stadium seating and digital projection to their customers. It is the best theater in New Jersey! The theater will serve as a token of appreciation to its customers who have always supported it since its opening. It is meant to appeal to a wide audience of movie lovers that demand excellence.


Situated in the middle of the Central Ward, CityPlex12 attracts people from all the five wards who come to watch the latest movies from Men in Black to Madea. Some of the high-end amenities include RealD-3D, Dolby 7.1 digital sound, a new concession stand and Barco 4K Digital Projection for all the 12 theaters. The theater will not only entertain Newarkers but also provide a source of employment to them.


Boraie Development is committed to its vision. Their 30-year development track record makes them one of the most preferred developers in New Jersey. They are dedicated to creating projects that attract residents, tenants, and financial partners who are happy with their long-term ownership commitment.



Don Ressler Brings Fun To Athletic Fashion

A lot of attention is paid to fashion. One of the reasons is that fashion can be very fun. However, it can be surprisingly hard for women to find some fun outfits that make them feel very good about themselves when it comes to certain categories. The truth is that there are only certain types of clothes that are made for fun and creativity. For instance, a lot of fashion has been made for women that are of average size. Women who are outside of the normal size range often find themselves feeling left out. However, it does not stop there. There is also no room for creativity for women when it comes to active wear.

One thing that Don Ressler understands is that women are more conscious about their overall appearance and health than men. Therefore, they should be able to enjoy some of the great fashion in athletic clothing as well. After all, women work really hard to keep up a good appearance. Don Ressler should be able to dress well to enjoy the journey as well. Don Ressler has addressed this with Fabletics. As a result, women find it more enjoyable to wear clothes that are from the athletic retailer.

Fabletics is a company that has branched out from JustFab. It has also been one of the most successful brands of the company. It has grown in many different directions which included adding a men’s line and being all inclusive for women. One thing that stands out about the athletic clothing from Fabletics is that these are pieces of clothing that people could wear to other occasions as well.

Don Ressler is someone who works really hard in bringing the company to the next level of success. Once he reaches a goal, he immediately thinks about the next goal that he can pursue. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics is always moving forward. He uses his creativity in order to maximize the amount of customers that he brings to the company. Among the methods Don Ressler uses is the help of Kate Hudson when it comes to marketing the company.

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The Growth of Construcap Over The Last Decade


There are a lot of companies that have grown rapidly in Brazil over the past couple of years. With the high rate of economic growth, it is no surprise that real estate companies are doing well. Construcap is a company that has served Brazil over the past few years well. With all of the investments it has made into the country, a lot of people are excited about what the future holds. If you want to invest in a quality company, this is the way to go. They have a track record of success that is better than most companies, and they are able to help their customers with their real estate purchases. Over the long term, this is a company that will continue to do well financially.


When the company was first started, Construcap wanted to help a lot of people with their real estate dealings. There are many people moving to Brazil, and buying a new home in a new country is not an easy thing to do. Over the long term, this is something that a lot of people are worried about. There are too few houses for the demand, and builders are simply not able to keep up with the demand. This has caused a big glut in the market today, and a lot of people are worried about how to invest for the future. This makes real estate companies like Construcap more valuable than ever before. It will be interesting to see how this company responds in the coming years.


New technology plays a vital role in how well Construcap is doing. They make it easy for clients to interact with their financial transactions, and they have real-time data that customers can look at before making a decision. All of these factors play a huge role in how well the company is going to do in the coming yeas. If you want to invest in the future, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Working with Construcap is a great way to ensure you make the correct decisions.

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